My first TWD Post: Chocolate Chunkers

This is my first post in the oh so famous Tuesdays with Dorie baking group! These cookies were quite tasty but they did use an obscene amount of quality chocolate (like $18 worth). I did get 36 cookies out of the receipe so I will have plenty to share with friends and at work. Dave even liked them even though he isn’t the biggest fan of raisins or pecans.

Here are some pictures of the process. I am still working on my food shots. I am just using my trusty Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH and my kitchen has horrible lighting, so they aren’t the best, just the best that I can do. I am excited to take part in this baking group. Hopefully I can make the time each weekend to bake with all my 3L reading/work/etc.

Look at all the chocolate!  MMMM...

Look at all the chocolate! MMMM...

The receipe can be found in Baking: From My Home to Yours Page 70.

2 responses to “My first TWD Post: Chocolate Chunkers

  1. Yay!! 🙂 They look yummy, Whitney! Welcome to TWD – so excited to have an EK baking along with me!!

  2. welcome to TWD!!! pity you had to start the baking process on such an expensive note! but at least it was worth it. THose cookies of yours look gorgeous! Keep baking…

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