Straddling summer and fall…

I have been in the habit of going to Green City every Wed and Sat mornings.  I am really liking going on Wed, right at 7:30 when it is nice and empty.  The only downfall if that I can’t really take my time because I still need to get to work around 9 and I have no time to play with my goodies until the evening (or even Friday!)  This past Wed I picked up some of the last cherry tomatoes from Nichols and also got my first tiny pumpkin for the apartment.  That just seemed like the perfect way to get the last glimpse of summer until next year (when I will be studying for the Bar-eek!) and the first taste of Fall and crunchy leaves before the inevitable winter (and no more markets-tear).  I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from the market that I have been buying over the past few weeks.  Enjoy!

Look at the little pumpkin!

Look at the little pumpkin!

Dilly Beans for Dave (I'm such a nice GF)

Dilly Beans for Dave (I am such a good GF)

The perfect tomato

The perfect tomato

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