Make this as fast as you can

If you haven’t stumbled upon The Pioneer Woman please go when you have a day to kill. Ree has created a wonderful website full of great knowledge and entertainment. One of the best things that I have found on this website is a recipe for Mac and Cheese.

goodness in a bowl

goodness in a bowl

It is spicy. It is colorful. It is really bad for you. It is AWESOME. I made it when I was in PA for Dave’s little sister’s college graduation and it was one of the hits of the party. Just make sure that you scrape the jalapeno seeds and membranes out with a spoon and not your hands and that you wash your hands well before they get anywhere close to your eyes, mouth, etc. I made the mistake of using my hands to scrape down the jalapenos, washed them (with soap!) then went to the cheese tray (I was cooking during the party-its how I roll) and popped a piece of parm in my mouth. Suddenly my entire face felt like it was literally in flames. After 30 mins with a gallon of milk and a towel (yes-its a funny mental imagine), my face finally felt better. My hands were swollen for the next day. I don’t know what was wrong with me because I handle spice really well but you have been warned. USE A SPOON.

Those little buggars were HOT.

Those little buggers were HOT.

So much color!

So much color!

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