TWD #2: Dimply Plum Cake

Dimply Plums

Dimply Plums

The Dimply Plum recipe that was chosen for this week was quite yummy and I will probably make it again with other fruits. It is much better warm on the first day than reheated the next, so make this when you know that you will be able to share it quickly with others. It was also fun to try out some of the plums from the farmer’s market. I used cinnamon in place of the cardamom because I have a weakness for the Spice House and already had some great quality cinnamon in my spice box (yes-I have boxes–this is a subject of a future blog).

Lovely orange zest

Lovely orange zest

Dave got to it before I got a picture...

Dave got to it before I got a picture...

Recipe is from Baking: My Home to Yours on Page 41. This is a lovely book that I got for under 10 bucks on 🙂

7 responses to “TWD #2: Dimply Plum Cake

  1. Your cake is gorgeous!! 🙂 And your plums are huge… all I could find were prune plums (but they were yummy!)!

    I wish I could go to the game, but I’ll be in Austin for Terri Michener’s wedding… hopefully, we’ll stomp OU!!

  2. Your cake is so pretty – look at how soft and juicy your plums baked up. Welcome to TWD, it’s tons of fun!

  3. Your cake looks perfect- welcome to TWD!

  4. Welcome to TWD, your cake looks so tary!!

  5. I made mine with Farmers Market peaches and Spice House ginger, and LOVED it. Welcome to TWD!

  6. Welcome to TWD. Your cake is such a pretty color. I made mine with cinnamon too.

    I’m visiting my sister in Chicago right now -what a great city. So many restaurants and shops.

    I see you made dilly beans. Me too – they are on my blog. We have a yearly canning session where we drink lots of wine & make beans and jam.

  7. Welcome to TWD! What a pretty cake!

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