TWD #3: Perfection Pound Cake (in place of Creme Brulee)

Since I don’t own a blowtorch and didn’t really want to try the whole water bath method, Creme Brulee was out (even though it would have been the perfect excuse to use the new ramenkins!)   I decided to try one of the many recipes that the TWD bakers have completed in the past months.  Since I had all the ingredients on hand for the “Perfection Pound Cake” I decided to give it a try.

A bunch of kitchen staples

A bunch of kitchen staples

  I don’t think I have ever had true pound cake before so I don’t really have a point of comparison.  It turned out quite good.   Dave was expecting it to be sweeter since it is “cake” but I really liked the rich butter flavor.  I added in some lemon zest that I rehydrated from The Spice House but I’m not sure if I could really taste it.  I want this stuff to work well because I hate buying a whole lemon/orange and then just using it for the zest.
The jury is still out...

The jury is still out...

I had it with some vanilla ice cream and a handful of frozen raspberries.  Dave had some for breakfast on Sunday morning with a little Pear Butter from Seedling Farms spread on it.  The recipe calls for quite a lot of time with the mixer.  I followed the times closely and once I was at the point of adding the flour to the butter/sugar it was very fluffy and light.  Dorie was right, it really does taste better the next day.


4 responses to “TWD #3: Perfection Pound Cake (in place of Creme Brulee)

  1. Looks delicious! There are a bunch I haven’t gotten to try yet too.

  2. I love seeing what people are doing as a rewind…it just so happens that so far they are ones that were chosen before I joined, but have made them on my own.

    Your pound cake looks delicious!

  3. Great job the pound cake looks delicious!

  4. Welcome to TWD and great looking pound cake. I like the picture of the cake and ice cream..yum!!

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