a taco mise en place

a taco mise en place

Ever since my friend Brian had Taco Salad Night at his apartment 1L year, Tacos have been a good go to dinner for me and Dave. It is quick, tasty, easy and often with enough leftover ground meat for me to bring a Taco Salad for lunch the next day. However, the thing that takes the typical ground turkey taco meat to the next level is this taco seasoning


The BIG Jar

The BIG Jar

As you can see I buy it by the $16 jar. When my Mom was in town over the summer she also picked up a big jar for yourself. I usually add a little shake of cayenne to give it a little kick, but it is perfect tasty on its own.

All you have to do is brown up a pound of ground turkey, drain the fat off, mix 4 Tablespoons of the seasoning with 6 oz of water, pour it in, let it thicken, and prep the taco toppings of your choosing.

One response to “TACOS

  1. Yep, I am a sucker for Tacos too. I will eat them any chance I get!

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