TWD #7: Rugelach and Election Day (finally!)

I will admit, I was a little intimidated by this week’s recipe since a) I had never heard of Rugelach and b) they looked pretty complicated. The dough was a little tricky. My food processor couldn’t really handle the volume and I only ended up with a dozen cookies which was way less than was predicted. But they were quite tasty. I knew they would be good because I love raspberries and chocolate. I will have to play around with making them again and hopefully learn some tricks with making the dough.

rolling out the dough...maybe not thin enough?

rolling out the dough...maybe not thin enough?

Mine kinda looked like little least they were tasty!

Mine kinda looked like little least they were tasty!

Also…this was probably the smartest thing I have done in a while.  I used up my loose Laura Mercier powder and I have a hard time throwing away recycling cute little containers so it sat on my counter for about a week before I came up with the perfect second use.  I took the container, washed it in the dishwasher (twice) and filled it would AP Flour.   Now I use it to hold flour when I just need a little to powder the counter/rolling pin/etc and dont want to have to drag out the big bag.  Believe me…it works perfect.


genius AND green 🙂


I am going to cut this a tad short because I am heading to bed so that I can get up at 6AM tomorrow to hit the polling place in my lobby right when the polls open! This will be my 2nd time to vote in a Presidential Election and I can’t wait to vote for Obama and can’t wait for election night. I can remember watching Obama’s speech in Springfield when he announced his candidacy. I will admit that even as a Hillary supporter, listening to him speak, even then, gave me chills. Tomorrow will sure be a historic day!  GO VOTE (if you haven’t done so already!)


6 responses to “TWD #7: Rugelach and Election Day (finally!)

  1. I don’t think your Rugalach looks like turds at all! :-p Very good idea with the canister! 🙂

  2. I voted! Will you in or around Grant Park tonight? Good luck. Oh, and nice looking rugelach. 😉

  3. Looks so yummy!! I puffy heart raspberries and chocolate, so these were delicious! And, although I know you’d prefer a different choice, I though you’d like to know that I voted early last week. 🙂

  4. I think they look great!

  5. I’m a fellow TWD baker, and I was thinking that it would be nice if we all could chip in and get Laurie some small token/gift for all the work she does. Would you be willing to contribute? If I can get enough people, it would only be about $1 per person. No pressure 🙂 Let me know!

  6. I am going to use my old face powder container…what a great green idea! Thanks.

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