Back in Texas

I am home in The Woodlands for a week, hanging out with my parents and stocking up on all the Texas goodies that I can’t easily find in Chicago. Just today, I bought 8 jars of salsa that I am going to attempt to get into my checked bag without hitting the 50 lb limit…should be tricky. Last night my Mom and I made a very typical meal, at least for my steak loving father…T-Bones and Potatoes. My Mom had a couple of leftover yellow potatoes from Thanksgiving so I decided to cook them up in a way that I had read about a few months before. Check out this recipe from Noble Pig…super easy and very tasty. I used some cajun seasoning called “Slap Ya Mama” and some salt and pepper instead of paprika.



Then I used some great grill rub from the Spice House that I brought home to put in my Dad’s stocking…he got it a little early so that we could use it.



Then even Ginger got to enjoy a good T-Bone leftover.

It is nice to be home with my Civic to run errands and to avoid the -30 windchills in Chicago today.

One response to “Back in Texas

  1. I love the Back of the Yards blend! Mmmmmm. And yes, it’s cold here!

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