A Snowy Shuffle


Well I woke up this morning at 7AM and immediately walked over to the balcony to get a peek outside and it was total white-out. After checking out the radar and seeing that it wasn’t going to let up in the next 3 hours and that the wind was blowing to 30MPH, Brian, Julia and I decided to not run the Shuffle. I will admit that I was rather disappointed. However, I know that it would have been cold, wet, slippery, and miserable and I didn’t want to risk slipping and hurting myself so early into my 10 mile training. Instead I did my required “long run” of 4 miles on the treadmill.

Check out these pics here if you want to see the crazy motivated people that actually made it out to the race.

Update at 5:38PM:  It is now sunny, 40 degrees and the slush has melted.  That is all.

4 responses to “A Snowy Shuffle

  1. Good for you! That was a better decision – Dave knows a guy who ran it and he said that the conditions were “the worst race conditions [he’d] ever experienced in his life.” I ended up running 2 of my 5 miles outdoors today and it was TERRIBLE. (I’ll be posting a HUGE rant about that when I finally stop fuming and write it).

  2. I totally bailed on this too! Makes me feel good to know that I wasn’t the only person, however I really wish I could have had my free beer 🙂

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