[First] Green at Green City

[mushrooms, eggs, seven grain bread, spinach, pea shoots, yukon golds, pastries]

I have always enjoyed seeing beautiful pictures of weekly groceries (go here for a GREAT example), so I think I will start to show you what I buy at Green City. The market is still indoors for April but as you can see, green is starting to arrive in the form of Spinach and Pea Shoots. I really can’t wait for Spring!

PS-I am donating a batch of my granola to Meghann’s Bake Sale on Monday April 6th so if you want a batch, make a bid while helping raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society…and if any of my locals win, I will throw in an extra prize since I get to save on shipping!

3 responses to “[First] Green at Green City

  1. Yayyyyyyyy!!! I can’t wait to go!!! I’m excited that it starts this month, because I won’t be here for May 😦

  2. Hi Whitney!
    I found your blog through links on other food blogs. I just wanted to say hi—and you and I are neighbors! I’m assuming we live just a few minutes from each other here in FREEZING Chicago:) Seeing this post made me really excited for my beloved Farmer’s Market to come back outdoors in a few weeks! πŸ™‚

  3. I am very excited for greencity to come back outside. It is just much more fun than inside at the Nature Museum.

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