5.6.09 Market

Yesterday morning I got up bright and early and headed to the first Green City outdoor market of the season at 7AM. (need to also get in a run before my 1PM estates and trusts final). I had forgotten that the market opens that early, which makes me very excited because I will be able to make a quick stop during the week before Barbri. I discovered last summer that the weekday market is far less crowded and enjoyable (not that I wont still go on Saturdays as well).

I was excited to see the planters of flowers and herbs, which really makes me want to tackle a container garden on my balcony. Does anyone have any suggestions about balcony gardens? Especially west-facing 16 floors up w/ the wind? There were also vendors with beautiful full heads of lettuce and sprouts and much more. I also picked up my usual $2 worth of baby bellas.

While it is obviously still really early in the season, I was VERY excited to see asparagus! I had been reading (and tweeting) about others trying out new recipes with the vibrant green stalks and I was holding out being too impatient and just buying them from the store.

I am SO glad that I did. I simply blanched half of my haul in some salted water and ate them with a little cracked black pepper. Divine. I can’t wait to buy more on Saturday and try something a little more involved with these early season wonders.

4 responses to “5.6.09 Market

  1. Yay for the first market trip! Wow, your asparagus was cheap compared to ours. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what you try!

  2. I have a south facing patio – tons of sun and wind. We’ve had great luck with herbs (keep them segregated in their own pots!): mint, basil, rosemary (especially hearty) have been favorites. they grow fast and are great to have on hand. Also – begonias have been really successful. There are a ton of different color options – and they withstand lots of wind. We also try to get big containers that hold a lot of dirt that don’t dry out as fast. There are days in the summer that require watering 2x – the wind and the sun really dry stuff out!
    What didn’t work? Roses, tomatoes, small trees…

    best of luck!

  3. Scate-Thank you for the tips! This is very helpful. I would love to have easy access to herbs so that I don’t spend 2 bucks a pop on a little bag or just leave them out of the recipe altogether.

    Amy-I was excited for the prices too πŸ™‚ The bundles weren’t that big but they were worth every penny. Yay for Spring!

  4. GAH, I’m so sad to be missing out! 😦

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