5.27.09 Market

I am still trying to wrap my head around the somewhat frightening incredibly organized “Paced Program” provided by Bar/Bri (my Bar Review course for all your lucky non-law school students/lawyers out there) so I only have a few minutes tonight, but I still managed to find the time to hit up the market on Wednesday morning.  I was most excited to find STRAWBERRIES (I splurged on TWO pints) and carrots from one of my favorites Genesis Growers. I almost got a CSA from them this season but likely will next summer when I hopefully have less Bar stress and (hopefully) a salary.  I hope that you are having a great week and I should be back this weekend with a super yummy and easy Chicken Enchilada recipe.

What is your favorite item current at your market?

4 responses to “5.27.09 Market

  1. oooh, I’m loving the strawberries at the market right now.

  2. Ughhh I remember how overwhelming I thought the barbri study schedule was – it seemed impossible to me. I took the Ohio bar exam in summer 07! My best advice is to follow it as closely as possible. If it says do 4 essays then try and do 4 essays – even if you only write 2 fully out and outline the last 2 – just get through them!!
    I think I did more of the scheduled essays than most of my counterparts and I really think it paid off!
    Good luck and feel free to email me if you need to vent or need any advice!

  3. Your photos are getting amazing! My fave things at the market right now are edible flowers – people FREAK out when I put them in salad.

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