Windy City Blogger Wednesday: Food Loves Writing

Originally published at Gapers Block: Drive-Thru

I have started contributing to a Chicago based web magazine called Gapers Block by writing on their food blog. I have started a weekly series there to highlight some of my favorite Chicagoland food blogs and I thought that I should also share them with my readers, in case I can introduce you to another gem in the Food Blog land.

First up, Shannalee at Food Loves Writing

FLWshannaleeparty.jpgPhoto by Rebecca Brogan

What brought you to Chicago?
The Chicago area is where I grew up and where my family is from, and, excluding four years of college, the only place I’ve ever lived. I’m a big believer that home is where you make it with people you love, but, at least for now, I’m glad that’s here.

What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
I love to explore new places, whether that means a weekend in Maine or a Saturday in Oak Park, and I’ve started really getting into antiquing—have you ever looked at vintage aprons or cake stands? It’s like history you can use! Other stuff: Enjoying my first experience with a CSA, finding ways to stay outside and watching entire series of television shows online. Oh yeah, and I have a day job—as an editor/copy writer.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago?
I’m a simple girl, and my favorite meals have been my favorite food, pizza. I’d say it’s a toss-up between Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park and Spacca Napoli in Ravenswood. Oven Grinder gets me with their pizza pot pies filled with meaty sauce that they turn out onto the plate right at your table, and Spacca does Neapolitan-style crust with that slightly chewy, charred flavor that you just can’t beat.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago, if you aren’t paying?
If money were no object, I think it’d be fun to visit Charlie Trotter’s or Alinea sometime. Unfortunately, money is an object right now, so I just dream.

Favorite recipe and/or post?
I love my roasted lemon-garlic green beans for their bruised and lemony flavor and for the things they made me think about. And I also still crave this orange sherbet that was based on an Alton Brown recipe—one bite in, it’s like you’ve never tasted an orange before, I swear

FLWorangesherbet.jpgPhoto by Shannalee T’Koy

How do take your coffee?
Give me some Earl Grey decaf tea, steeped for a couple minutes and stirred with cream and two packets of sugar, and I am a happy girl.

Cubs or Sox?
I went to grad school on the North Side, my brother lives by Wrigleyville and the one baseball game I made it to all summer was at Wrigley Field, so I gotta’ say Cubs.

What is the one thing/place/restaurant that you recommend to your out-of-town guests?
Those same pizza places above, as well as fantastic bakeries like Bittersweet, Swirlz Cupcakes and Sweet Mandy B’s, and, because it’s free and pretty and I always have a good time there, Lincoln Park Zoo.

What are the 1 or 2 things that you can’t live without in your kitchen?
My really big, really sharp butcher’s knife that minces garlic in seconds and slides right through vegetables, and my KitchenAid mixer, which, while maybe I could live without it, I wouldn’t want to.

Check back next week to meet another Chicagoland blogger!

4 responses to “Windy City Blogger Wednesday: Food Loves Writing

  1. That’s an awesome column and a great way to feature chicago bloggers! I likethe questions you ask too – good and well-rounded but foodie focused!

  2. Great column – and now I’ve got another local blogger to read – hooray! I love Gapers Block, congrats for getting your own feature there!

  3. Great idea! I love reading about other Chicago bloggers out there.

  4. new reader, happy to see this!

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