As I am sure you have heard by now Conde Nast is shutting down Gourmet magazine.  I have subscribed to Gourmet for just over a year (as well as a handful of other magazines including Bon Appetit and Vanity Fair) and I have to say that the news made me very sad today.  I know that there are plenty of magazines to fill the void (Saveur, Cooks Illustrated, Fine Cooking), I looked forward to starting my collection of Gourmets to have tucked onto a shelf in my dream kitchen, to eventually pass onto my daughter some day.  Sadly that collection will just be 15 issues.

Gourmet 1941-2009

7 responses to “Gourmet

  1. It’s an end of an era, isn’t it?

  2. holy !(@#$*#(%? i hadn’t heard that. i love gourmet! i have all the yearly book publications as well.

    i agree jennifer, an end of an era. wow.

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