lets go yankees

Today marks the beginning of MLB Post Season and I just wanted to share some pictures from a trip to the New Yankee Stadium back in September. Deep down I will always be an Astros fan and I root for the Cubs (unless they are playing the Astros) but I am now an adopted Yankees fan. When Dave was little he figured out which ballpark was closer to his house in CT, Fenway or Yankee Stadium and Yankee Stadium was closer so he adopted the Yankees as his hometown team. After we started dating, I started to like the Yankees, especially since they had one of my favorite Astros pitchers, Andy Pettitte.

It has been fun watching the Yankees this year. Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera have broken important personal records. New Yankees Teixeira, CC and Swisher fit right into the team. It was fun going to see a game with Dave and his Dad in the new ballpark after getting to go see a game last year during the last season in the old ballpark.

I can’t wait to watch the game tonight. Let’s go Yankees! Beat the Twins! (sorry Ted).

PS-Check out the reflections in Dave’s sunglasses. Pretty awesome accident.

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