Windy City Blogger Wednesday: The Kitchen Sink

Originally published at Gapers Block: Drive Thru.

This week I would like to introduce you to one of the first food blogs that I really fell in love with (and we are lucky enough that Kristin lives in Chicago): Kristin of The Kitchen Sink!

What brought you to Chicago?
I went to college at Northwestern, where I fell in love with both Evanston and Chicago—not to mention my husband, whose family lives here, too. We spent a couple years in Washington, DC after college, but we’ve been back for about five years.

What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
Well, I’m a lawyer by day. Beyond that, I love wandering, in this city and other cities and in the wilderness, too. My family is in Minnesota and I try to get up there as much as I can. Beyond that, I’m usually cooking or eating or scouring the markets (farmers’ and otherwise) for food. So, I suppose I’m never that far from the stuff that ends up on the blog.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago?
I love pizza and Spacca Napoli, Piece and Coal Fire are my favorites. In my neighborhood, I love Hot Chocolate and The Bristol and Mado. I really like Terragusto, too. I’m generally a big fan of Chicago’s many great BYOs, of which Terragusto and Mado are two.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago, if you aren’t paying?
To be honest, I’d pay to eat at all of those places I just rattled off—and I do all the time. I haven’t been to many of the big ticket places in town—but I’ll get to them soon enough. If I’m eating closer to the Loop, which isn’t often, I’d choose The Publican, Sepia or Graham Elliot.

Favorite recipe and/or post?
My favorite posts are those that focus on my family: my grandparents, who have a huge backyard garden and cook in a very real, resourceful way; my parents, who taught me to try new things and to have awfully high standards; my sister, who is always down for a good, long meal—in or out. The post that gets the most traffic has a granola recipe that’s pretty great, if I do say so myself.

How do take your coffee?
Black. And, preferably, Intelligentsia.

Cubs or Sox?
I’m a Cubs fan by marriage, as I like to say. But I was born a Twins fan.

What is the one thing/place/restaurant that you recommend to your out of town guests?
I think the lakefront really dazzles people who haven’t spent much time in Chicago, but I’d encourage people to get out into the neighborhoods too.

One (or two) things that you can’t live without in your kitchen?
I adore my Le Creuset Dutch Oven. And, after years of living without one, I’ve discovered that a garbage disposal is pretty underrated. I also love having a tall stack of dinner plates—plenty for a big group.

4 responses to “Windy City Blogger Wednesday: The Kitchen Sink

  1. Yes, yes, yes! LOVE Intelligentsia coffee, and my favorite part of Chicago is wandering through the neighborhoods. They’re all so different, and the architecture is so fun to look at!

  2. Love this one! I’m a huge fan of Kristin’s blog. All of these interviews are making me want to visit Chicago even more than I already did!

  3. I’ll definitely check out The Kitchen Sink in greater detail. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I’ve never read that blog before – but I think I should given our similarities – we both have lived in chicago for 5 years, both live in Bucktown and love the same three bucktown restaurants and went to school at NU. crazy!!

    I love reading all the chicago blogs anyway though – especially when the topics revolve around the local eats πŸ™‚

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