Flickr Friday: Snowflakes.

Winter Mosaic

1. Day 11, 2. snow in her hair, 3. Lots of Snow!, 4. The View from my Office, 5. P021010PS-0204, 6. February 11, 7. The West Village, 8. cupcake close-up!, 9. Early Evening

Since I grew up in the Houston area, snow was always a big deal.  I can remember in 2nd grade, all of our teachers let us go outside and have a 2nd recess because little flakes started to fall from the sky.  I never made a snowman until one of my high school spring break ski trips to Colorado.  In college, we got a few “snow days” often because of ice rather than truly good snowball fight type snow.  Even though I am currently experiencing my 4th winter in Chicago, snow never gets old.

One response to “Flickr Friday: Snowflakes.

  1. I grew up in New Jersey and we always had snow all winter long, similar to this winter but more! As a child I was outside playing in the snow all the time! We made snow angels, and because we lived right off the wet lands, we went on “artic expeditions” all the time. We used our imgaination, of course. We hunted the abominable snowman and tracked out thru the wetlands for what it seemed miles. We had on our snow boots,snow pants, gloves & scarf and were out in it all day!

    It is a shame that todays kids are usually inside playing games! They might go outside for a little while, but they do not have the imagination that we did.

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