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Rich’s Lemon Chicken

Rich's Lemon Chicken

Let me tell you a little secret. I am quite lucky. On Wednesday Night (and Dave’s 26th Birthday-Happy Birthday!) we flew to PA to visit his parents and my mom joined from Texas. Then I spent the next two days wedding dress shopping with the moms (nothing picked yet but I have some thoughts narrowed down). At every shop, the girl helping me into countless dresses would remark that I am so lucky that my moms get along, and they do. I am lucky that I will be marrying into such a fun, loving and caring family and that they mesh so well with my own parents. Continue reading

good to the grain {a review}

Good to the Grain

I received Good to the Grain a couple months ago to review from Abrams Books and I’m so sorry that I have been holding out on you, because it really is a wonderful book.  From the absolutely stunning photography of Quentin Bacon, to the range of recipe types, this is a book that should make it onto any adventurous home cook’s shelf.  After many years as a pastry chef, Kim Boyce decided to leave professional kitchens for her own and in the process she began to experiment with many whole grain flours. Continue reading

I’ve been busy

Door County Mosaic

Life is getting in the way of this little space but I’m not dead (in case you were worried). I will be back soon with a review of a wonderful cookbook (that I received a sample of months ago and have slowly tried out) but for the time being, go check out my pictures from my trip to Door County, Wisconsin and read about my first half marathon.  My Chicago Marathon training officially started yesterday (did I tell you that I’m a masochist and signed up for it?) but my left calf muscle has something wonky with it, so I’m getting that checked out.  I will also be back on Friday to give you a little update on a little wedding planning on my -1 year anniversary (I’m marrying Dave on 5/14/11). My cold knocked me off my Project 365 horse so I haven’t decided what to do, but I might just pick back up in June.  I hope life has also been keeping you busy and hopefully happy.  Promise to be back soon.