watermelon lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Have you heard? It is hot. Well maybe not in Seattle or San Fran, but pretty much every other part of the US is melting. Yes, I know it is July, but Chicago confused me last summer when we barely had a day above 90 to speak of. This summer has definitely been different.

Watermelon Lemonade

Of course, if you would have told me 4 years ago that a day that hit the low 90s was “hot,” I probably would have responded “not as hot as it’s been.”   You see, in Texas, it isn’t uncommon to have a string of multiple days (even weeks!) where it gets close to or hits 100 every day. I used to think 90 was a refreshing summer day and spent many, many hours baking on the blacktop parking lot that was my HS band practice “field.”

Watermelon Lemonade

Now, especially since I’m adding up the miles to get ready for 10/10/10, these hot days are a little tricky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying every little bit of the summer:  longer days, beach volleyball (go Trampled Flowers!), and my market filled with vegetables and fruits, but, I am also glad that I have a batch of this lemonade in my fridge to help cool me off.

Watermelon Lemonade

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Watermelon Lemonade
Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen

Makes one pitcher

1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (from 5-6 lemons)
2 cups fresh watermelon puree, strained (just blend up watermelon chunks in a food processor)
6 ounces simple syrup*
3 1/2 cups water (or 4 if you don’t want sparkling)
1 can seltzer (or anything else fizzy)

Stir everything together in a large pitcher and pour in glasses over ice. If desired, top with a little sparking water or club soda (or ginger ale, etc). If you are feeling particularly lush, add some vodka or gin.

*Easy simple syrup: Simmer 1 cup of sugar into one cup of hot water until dissolved. Save the extra in the fridge. See, that wasn’t too hard.

9 responses to “watermelon lemonade

  1. Looks fabulous! I would make the “lush” version for sure!

  2. Hi Whitney! I recently stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying it. This lemonade looks so pretty! Just the color looks refreshing. I’m looking forward to following you…and to the end of this heat wave!

  3. I have a summer drink recipe that I need to make for cooling off! I’m with ya – I used to live in NC where it was HOT too, but now I’m a wuss and this is HOT!

  4. This sounds tasty! Virginia has been ridiculously hot…we’ve had 4 days over 100º so far…miserable!!! Keep cool! 🙂

  5. Wow, good luck with marathon training—I’m impressed!

    I just bought a watermelon at the market with this recipe in mind. Imagine my surprise to break it open and find that it’s yellow! It’ll look more like lemonade, I guess, but I really love the bright pink version in your pitcher.

  6. That would hit the spot on a warm summer day!

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