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almost here

Less than a month!

I ran 20 miles on Saturday which means the Marathon is almost here. It is also part of the reason why this little space has been so barren lately. Work, class, running, wedding, life keeps getting in the way of me, my camera and my kitchen. I promise to be back soon.

chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

September 6th. Labor Day 2010. It is hard to believe that it is already here and that summer is slowly slipping away. Surprisingly, I’m not sad to see this summer go because I feel like I made the absolute most of it. Marathon training has tanned and toned my legs (and given me pretty awesome and random sports bra/racer back tan lines on my back) and got me out on the lakefront path for many, many hours. There have been plenty patio sushi eating with my girlfriends and bike rides instead of the bus. Chicago just blossoms so much in the summer that it is hard to not pack your weeks and weekends so full that come September, you look forward to chilly days with crunchy leaves at your feet. Summer is wonderful, but really, so is Fall. Continue reading