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smoky red devil eggs

Deviled Eggs

I’ve never really been a picky eater per se, but there have been things I thought I hated. Take mustard as an example, I never understood why someone would ruin a perfectly good sandwich or hamburger with a big smear of mustard. It would be the only flavor I could taste. Up until a faithful day with my (now) fiance, a pretzel, some spicy mustard and Wrigley Field, I still hated mustard. Now, I appreciate a mustardy vinaigrette over some greens, or some spicy mustard for my McDs hashbrown (don’t hate). Continue reading


Can I tell you about something that happened to me last night?  I was meeting up with some of my girl friends after work to use up a Groupon to a really nice nail salon that happened to be BYOB. So I stopped into CVS to grab a 6 pack of 312 and saw a magical site at the checkout…DCT!


You see, I have been using DCT since HS (and went it was fondly nicknamed the “Drum Corps Treatment” since it would be blasphemy to use the dreaded Carmex which supposedly ruined your lips for marching band) and I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE for many months. I had broken down and purchased another Blistex product but it just wasn’t the same. DCT: smooth on the lips, mild flavor, SPF 20. I bought 2 and was tempted to clean out the display at the cash register.

What everyday product can you not live without?