doughnut plant

Doughnut Plant

I couple weeks again I spent close to a week in NYC with no real itinerary in mind. Dave was in town for work and I tagged along to utilize the free (and incredibly) nice hotel room (LiLo ended up next to Dave’s boss in the Penthouse the last night which lead to some incredibly hilarious stories).

Doughnut Plant

I’m sure that your not surprised that most of my NYC days were spent figuring out how to pass the time from one meal or snack to the next. I have a few other places to share with you but I wanted to start with Doughnut Plant because I was simply blown away. You see, I like the idea of doughnuts. Sweet, soft, fried little pieces of goodness that I usually regret a bite of 30 minutes later when my stomach just feels like an exploded fat bomb. But this wasn’t the case with Doughnut Plant. I decided to try the Vanilla Bean Glaze with Blackberry Jam filled doughnut.

Doughnut Plant

I ate it in the shop, sitting in the window, people watching and enjoyed every single bite.  The jam tasted like summer and while I was expecting a little more vanilla flavor, it was just a perfectly made doughnut.  And when I didn’t have the tell-tale regret some minutes later, I bought 3 more (pistachio-which ended up being my favorite, chocolate, and a simple glazed) to bring back to the hotel and share with Dave and his co-workers. We devoured them after a meal of Bobby Flay’s steak and Fried Chicken with no regret.

Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street {Lower East Side}
New York, NY
Nearest Subway: F at Delancey Street, J/M/Z at Essez Street

2 responses to “doughnut plant

  1. SO glad you got to go here. I’m very jealous. 🙂 This is definitely at the top of my list next time I’m in NY.

  2. I haven’t been to Donut Plant (in part because I haven’t been to NYC in 5+ years), but if you ever get to San Francisco, you should definitely check out “Dynamo Donuts”.

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