Monthly Archives: July 2011

sour cherry jam with balsamic

Sour Cherry Jam

Summers are just different in the midwest. After a long winter, a short spring, summer is a welcome change. The markets are finally filled with something other than potatoes and storage apples. Sure I get excited for asparagus and peas but one of the truly special market arrivals are sour cherries. i have spent the past two saturdays spending a lazy afternoon of watching the Women’s World Cup (YAY USA!!!) while pitting a few quarts of sour cherries. Some of last week’s haul went into a delicious pie and I have a few bags tucked away in the freezer to save for a chilly fall or winter day but I was really the most excited by this sour cherry jam. Continue reading

creamy roasted jalapeño salsa

Creamy Roasted Jalapeño Salsa

It is pretty hard to grow up in Texas and not have a thing for salsa. The quality of the salsa can make or break a Mexican dining experience. If I sit down at a Mexican place and the salsa is lackluster it is rather difficult to look forward to the rest of the meal. However, really good chips and salsa can almost ruin the rest of my meal, because I just can’t stop eating the scoops of salsa and I spoil my appetite for the rest of my dinner. Continue reading

a happy 4th

Even though it is only July 3rd, it is already a pretty awesome 4th of July weekend. A long weekend out of the office. It actually has warmed up and feels like summer here in Chicago. The Crosstown Classic. A game of bocce in the park. BBQs at friend’s apartment while watching with suburban firework shows in the distance to the west from balconies. Summer is really a great time in Chicago. If I can suggest one thing, make a batch of these paletas tonight, so they are ready for the 4th tomorrow. You could probably even tweak the recipe a tad and make some boozy sugared blueberries and strawberries for a festive look. The sour cream base just screams to be tinkered with. Continue reading