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cross that one off the list

I have a ritual. Whenever I start to read one of my magazines, I pull out all the annoying flyers and thick advertisements and get one piece that is the perfect bookmark. Then I read it cover to cover, not skipping anything that I think I will enjoy later because I will inevitably forget about it. However, with Bon Appetit I make an exception. After pulling out all the stupid flyers, I immediately flip to Cooking Life, Molly Wizenberg’s monthly column. Now that our favorite Orangette is busy running Delancey with her husband Brandon I have to get Molly’s musings in any way that I can, preferably quickly. This past month’s article was especially intriguing because it was about how Molly learned to love kale. Continue reading

Day Two

Day One

If you have  been reading over the past few weeks you have probably been hearing a lot about the IL Bar and not so much about inspiring recipes in my kitchen.  Studying for the bar exam makes you go on autopilot.  Every day is a new subject that just gets put on an endless list and the last 2 weeks are filled with a 10-12 hour-a-day impossible review schedule and then suddenly it is the night before the Bar.  Dave and I made a pact to wake up early this morning to get our body clocks in line, review until 10AM and then clean our apartment for the rest of the day, finishing with a early night of fantastic pizza and craft beer.


 I just wanted to thank y’all for your kind words of encouragement this summer.  I promise to be back with plenty of new things to share with you. I have been taking pictures of all the colorful bounty at the market  and eaten simple meals but I just haven’t shared them with you.  We are taking a post-Bar trip to TX to attend the wedding of one of my favorite sorority sisters and to take some law school friends to float the river and eat great tex-mex, bbq and fuzzy’s queso, and I will be sharing our fun with you.

are you done yet?

I am 4 days away from the Bar Exam and it can’t come any faster.  I feel like I just need to take the damn thing already before the massive volume of arcane legal knowledge just drips out of my ears.  I feel like I am running a marathon and I am on mile 22 and just don’t want to go anymore but know that I have to because I have come this far.  This post isn’t about food because I have truthfully not been very creative or had time to be inspired in the past few days but I just wanted to put up some cute pictures of Lucy, because cute pictures of cats just make anyone’s day a little better.

PS.  I took a study break this afternoon and met up with Kath who is in town for the BlogHer Conference.  She is just as sweet as she seems from her blog and we had a great time walking around Millennium Park and such for a couple of hours.  Just the break I needed.

many scoops

As I stated before, Summer is here in Chicago.  The markets are filled with glorious goodies.  The Pride Parade was held over the weekend up in Lakeview.  The Taste is in full swing in Grant Park leading up to the 4th of July and many, many firework shows from my West facing balcony.  However, supposedly the 4th of July holiday is also the tipping point between feeling comfortable with the schedule of steady subject area BarBri lectures and practice problems and the sheer terror of “the Bar is only X days away and I still have how many flash cards to memorize and laws from 26 legal areas to be able to regurgitate over a 2 day period?”  I will let you know if I feel this panic in about a week.  However, I do know that the combination of summertime and stress calls for one thing: Ice Cream. 

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