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are you done yet?

I am 4 days away from the Bar Exam and it can’t come any faster.  I feel like I just need to take the damn thing already before the massive volume of arcane legal knowledge just drips out of my ears.  I feel like I am running a marathon and I am on mile 22 and just don’t want to go anymore but know that I have to because I have come this far.  This post isn’t about food because I have truthfully not been very creative or had time to be inspired in the past few days but I just wanted to put up some cute pictures of Lucy, because cute pictures of cats just make anyone’s day a little better.

PS.  I took a study break this afternoon and met up with Kath who is in town for the BlogHer Conference.  She is just as sweet as she seems from her blog and we had a great time walking around Millennium Park and such for a couple of hours.  Just the break I needed.