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that sparkle

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

The holidays have a new sorta sparkle on them this year.  I am not currently waist deep into finals.  I have a new string of jingle bells hanging from our front door.  My holiday cards are in the mail and my gifts are purchased (and wrapped!) under our tree. We leave for PA to celebrate the holidays with Dave’s family in a week where we will be met with cooking/baking in a nice kitchen, cute golden retrievers, lots of wine, and great people. Continue reading

a homemade life’s banana bread

Have you read “A Homemade Life” yet?  If you haven’t, add it to your Amazon wish list and buy it as soon as you can.  I have been slowly enjoying Molly Wizenberg’s memoir over the past few months and I am just one chapter away from the end.  I almost don’t think that I can explain how truly lovely and beautiful this book is.  Molly has filled her book with stories and memories of her father, how she met her vinegar-loving husband through her blog Orangette, getting her heart broken in Paris and everything in between.  At the end of each story is a recipe or two inspired by the story.  They range from her father Burg’s potato salad to Little Corn Cakes w/ Bacon, Tomato and Avocado which she served at her wedding.  I have many recipes tabbed and listed in my “must make this as soon as possible” list.  

Continue reading

It is finally looking like Christmas!


After pretty much going non-stop from Thanksgiving on, I am done with finals.  I am trying to not gloat too much because some of my friends aren’t done until the 18th or even the 22nd.  I can’t help it that my 4 finals managed to wrap up by the 2nd day of exam period.  Now I am just working my last few days at my law clerk job and looking forward to spending some time in Texas.  I have been admiring all the cookie posts that have been piling up in my Google reader, eagerly anticipating getting to try my hand at them. Continue reading