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Flickr Friday: Snowflakes.

Winter Mosaic

1. Day 11, 2. snow in her hair, 3. Lots of Snow!, 4. The View from my Office, 5. P021010PS-0204, 6. February 11, 7. The West Village, 8. cupcake close-up!, 9. Early Evening

Since I grew up in the Houston area, snow was always a big deal.  I can remember in 2nd grade, all of our teachers let us go outside and have a 2nd recess because little flakes started to fall from the sky.  I never made a snowman until one of my high school spring break ski trips to Colorado.  In college, we got a few “snow days” often because of ice rather than truly good snowball fight type snow.  Even though I am currently experiencing my 4th winter in Chicago, snow never gets old.