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The Cold and a bit of a cold

On top of having a 48 hour period of below zero temperatures (not wind chills….brr) in the middle of the week, I am also fighting off a bit of a cold and dealing with 2 separate foot issues.  Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much interesting cooking this week.  Dave and I enjoyed some of the leftover beef stew during one of the arctic nights.  Instead of cooking, I have been slowly making it through the stack of magazines that piled up during finals.

Much more enjoyable than casebooks

Much more enjoyable than casebooks

 I haven’t set up a good system short of little stickies marking pages of interesting recipes or starring and tagging posts in my reader.  Any suggestions of how to organize my “To Cook List”?  Excel sheet? Long written list?  I am open to suggestions.  

Gourmet’s January issue is particularly wonderful because it is focused on Italian food.  The recipes for Sunday Ragu and the Spaghetti and Meatballs on the cover look amazing.


 I think I am going to try out the first batch of homemade pasta next weekend to test out the new KitchenAid Attachment I treated myself to (yay 25% rebate)  I just ordered a pasta blend from King Arthur (along with a few other fun things (yeast, sugar, cake pans)..for the free shipping of course)

Unfortunately my two cortisone shots to the heels on Monday (for Plantar Fasciitis) and my foot procedure yesterday (laser zapping of some annoying plantar warts) have hurt my workout schedule this week.  I did do a little run/walk on the treadmill on Wednesday but it might be a few days still until I will be able to do that this week 😦 I am hoping that I can get in a really good habit of planning workouts like a work shift or class in my schedule this semester.  I am only taking 2 classes and working at the IRS and I am done by 5 every day!  It will be amazing to have so much free time, hopefully I can make the best of it and drop the 10 pounds by May 🙂

I am currently simmering a big pot of 13 Bean Soup that I will tell you about later tonight or tomorrow.

I am off to watch the Eagles hopefully beat the Cardinals.