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weekday mornings

One of the best things about currently being unemployed job searching is weekday mornings.  I wake up reasonably early since Dave gets up and heads to work and I spend the first couple hours of the day, slowly sipping my coffee out of a big ceramic mug while sitting on my couch, digging through my Google Reader or reading a book.  For the time being, its very enjoyable routine.  My morning routine also consists of this granola.  You might have read about this “dangerously addictive olive oil granola” that was featured in the NYT. I decided to make up a batch because I was eating my way through also very delicious but expensive bags of granola from Milk and Honey. Continue reading

better than DD

[if you are clicking over from the strawberry gelato picture on TS the correct link is here…sorry for the confusion]

Summer has finally arrived in Chicago.  Today, as I headed to the market at 7AM sharp, it was already 80 degrees.  As someone who spent the first 22 years of her life in Texas (and most of those summers in unbearable hot and humid Houston) I wasn’t very happy about it.  Sure I was getting pretty sick of the 50 degree and rainy days in early June, but high of 93 in Chicago on June 24th?  No thank you.  However, the one perk (pun intended) of summer’s arrival is Iced Coffee.  

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