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Pizza w/ Banana Peppers

This post might be a little controversial here in Chicago. You see, I like my pizza thin, cut into normal triangle slices. None of this deep dish business. Or deep dish places making thin crust pizza (which just is never that good) and slicing them up into little squares. Deep dish has its place and it can be very delicious but it truthfully is more like pizza casserole. Continue reading

Day One

If you have  been reading over the past few weeks you have probably been hearing a lot about the IL Bar and not so much about inspiring recipes in my kitchen.  Studying for the bar exam makes you go on autopilot.  Every day is a new subject that just gets put on an endless list and the last 2 weeks are filled with a 10-12 hour-a-day impossible review schedule and then suddenly it is the night before the Bar.  Dave and I made a pact to wake up early this morning to get our body clocks in line, review until 10AM and then clean our apartment for the rest of the day, finishing with a early night of fantastic pizza and craft beer.


 I just wanted to thank y’all for your kind words of encouragement this summer.  I promise to be back with plenty of new things to share with you. I have been taking pictures of all the colorful bounty at the market  and eaten simple meals but I just haven’t shared them with you.  We are taking a post-Bar trip to TX to attend the wedding of one of my favorite sorority sisters and to take some law school friends to float the river and eat great tex-mex, bbq and fuzzy’s queso, and I will be sharing our fun with you.