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mom’s potato salad

Mom's Potato Salad

I’ve always found it funny that our tastes change. As a kid, I wasn’t a picky-eater per se, but there were certain things I didn’t like. Sure, I grew up eating Vietnamese food on the southwest side of Houston and didn’t bat an eye at the wonderfully crunchy jellyfish salad at our spot Tay Do. Or those wood ear mushrooms in a bowl of hot and sour soup, but normal button mushrooms in beef stroganoff, no thanks. Or raw tomatoes. Or my Mom’s potato salad. Continue reading

feelings of fall

Today was the first day in Chicago that really felt like fall.  I had a bowl of warm oatmeal rather than my greek yogurt/granola combo of summer.  Suddenly shorts and a tank are no longer suitable running attire and sleeves are necessary.  The sidewalks are laced with the first fallen leaves and the sun begins to set at 6:30 rather than closer to 8.  Although I really was jipped with a summer (bar exam, few “warm” days), I am looking forward to the change in seasons. Continue reading

Back in Texas

I am home in The Woodlands for a week, hanging out with my parents and stocking up on all the Texas goodies that I can’t easily find in Chicago. Just today, I bought 8 jars of salsa that I am going to attempt to get into my checked bag without hitting the 50 lb limit…should be tricky. Last night my Mom and I made a very typical meal, at least for my steak loving father…T-Bones and Potatoes. My Mom had a couple of leftover yellow potatoes from Thanksgiving so I decided to cook them up in a way that I had read about a few months before. Check out this recipe from Noble Pig…super easy and very tasty. I used some cajun seasoning called “Slap Ya Mama” and some salt and pepper instead of paprika.



Then I used some great grill rub from the Spice House that I brought home to put in my Dad’s stocking…he got it a little early so that we could use it.



Then even Ginger got to enjoy a good T-Bone leftover.

It is nice to be home with my Civic to run errands and to avoid the -30 windchills in Chicago today.