Training Plan

I am currently training for the Door County Half Marathon in May the Chicago Marathon on 10/10/10 with Chicago Endurance Sports (as well as my wonderful friend & bridesmaid Betsy) after completing the Door County Half-Marathon in May.    Follow my miles here.

Running Training Log

Below is a recap of my training for the SF-10 Miler in May 2009!

Months of January and February:  I successfully lost 2 lbs and worked out a consistent 3-4 times per week which probably a first for me (unless you count marching band season in HS 😛 ) and I am very happy for my good start.

I am posting my training schedule as designed by CES for my 10 Mile training plan.  This doesn’t officially start until the week of March 16-22, so I am just repeating the first week for the next two weeks and adding in the Shamrock Shuffle

March 2nd-March 8th: Well this week was busy at the IRS and Socially so my workouts suffered.  Just being honest.

  • Mon:  30-40 Mins Cross Train + Strength Train 30 mins elliptical
  • Tues: 30 mins easy pace Home to Diversey w/ Dave 3.5 miles; slightly faster pace than normal (at least that is what it felt like)
  • Wed:  CT+ST Session Nothing, granola making took too much time in the morning and I went to Trivia at night…eek.
  • Thurs: 40 mins easy pace B-Day drinks with IRS people…eek.
  • Fri: 30 mins easy pace Long day…I am finding that it is hard to be motivated to workout after a full day at the IRS.
  • Sat: 3.5 miles 45 Mins elliptical (Harry Potter was on TV), 25 mins yoga from yogadownload
  • Sun: Rest 45 mins elliptical (more HP on TV-glorious time suck), 30 mins free weights

March 9th-March 15th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 4 mile run thru Fleet Feet w/ Brian and Julia; approx 42 mins
  • Tues: 30 mins easy pace Nada.  It was rainy, I was tired.  Excuses, excuses.
  • Wed: CT+ST Session 40 mins vinyasa yoga
  • Thurs: 45 mins easy pace
  • Fri: 30 mins easy pace
  • Sat: 4.5 miles 3.5 Miles (home to Diversey)
  • Sun: Rest Road Tripping with Mom!

March 16th-March 22nd (Spring Break-I will be home in TX so this might be flexible)

  • Mon: CT+ST Session Does drinking Shiner count?
  • Tues: 30 mins easy pace little under 3 miles, the pollen at home did NOT mix with my asthma
  • Wed: CT+ST Session Nice walk with Mom and Ginger (dog)
  • Thurs: Team Training-40 Mins Easy Pace: Drills, Form, Run, Stretches 45 mins with the 10:00 min pace group; felt great!
  • Fri: 30 mins easy pace Vinyasa Yoga (30 mins) Walk to Library (20 min)
  • Sat: 5 miles 3.6 miles in 35 mins; beautiful weather!
  • Sun: Rest

March 23-March 29th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session I continued to rest because I pulled something in my back (in my sleep…yea I don’t know)
  • Tues: 30 mins easy pace It started to rain right when I wanted to run so I did 40 mins on the elliptical plus exercises in April’s Real Simple that were surprisingly hard.
  • Wed: CT+ST Session Short run, 25 mins, Home to Fullerton Loop
  • Thurs: Team Training 40 mins easy pace: Drills, Form, Run, Stretches Well, this week didn’t go as well as last.  Nasty side sticker made me drop back to the 10:30 group and then my shins felt like they were brittle and on fire for the 2nd half; I really hope that I don’t have shin splints.
  • Fri: 30 mins easy pace All I did was rested after hitting my face on a wall
  • Sat: Rest
  • Sun: SHAMROCK SHUFFLE 8K (4.98 Miles) 4 miles on the treadmill sadly

March 30th-April 5th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 40 mins elliptical, Upper Body and Core
  • Tues: 30 mins 3 miles at 10:50 pace on treadmill (stupid rain)
  • Wed: CT+ST Session 40 mins elliptical, abs
  • Thurs: Team Training-Predictor Run: 3-4 miles 32:18 5K after a 10 min warm up, I predicted 33 mins so I was pretty happy
  • Fri: 30 mins rest
  • Sat: 5 miles 54:30, approx 5 miles
  • Sun: Rest

April 6th-April 12th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session Long Vinyasa session that has left me sore for 2 days
  • Tues: 35 mins Home to Diversey loop
  • Wed: CT+ST Session 40 mins elliptical, abs, stretching
  • Thurs: Team Training-Fartlek Run
  • This wasn’t the best day. I demo-ed some shoes which ended up making my feet feel heavy and there were other people out in the park in the fields so it was hard to hear the coaches whistle to go faster or slower.

  • Fri: 40 mins
  • Sat: 4 miles
  • Probably more like 4.5; Home to Wellington inner lake shore path

  • Sun: Rest

April 13th-April19th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 35 mins elliptical
  • Tues: 35 mins Ran this on the treadmill and did some arms
  • Wed: CT+ST Session 45 mins elliptical
  • Thurs: Team Training-Circuit Workout 4 miles total, with 2 miles broken up by a bunch of exercises…this kicked my ass but it was awesome.
  • Fri: 40 mins Grocery Shopping for my party
  • Sat: 6 miles Longest run of my life and it felt great…got to wear the new running skirt:)
  • Sun: Rest-a much needed day of rest.

April 20th-April 26th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 40 mins elliptical, plus some of Wiggs’ Ab-solutely moves
  • Tues: 40 mins On the TM.  How I hate the TM
  • Wed: CT+ST Session Rested b/c i’m a slacker.
  • Thurs: Team Training-Fartlek run I officially hate “fart-licks”.  I had a side sticker the WHOLE TIME.  But I didn’t quit.
  • Fri: 40 mins Went to my last Kent social.  Sleeping was better for my long run tomorrow.
  • Sat: 7 Miles I did it!  Home to Montrose to GreenCity.
  • Sun: Rest

April 27th-May 3rd (Last Week of Class)

  • Mon: CT+ST Session Elliptical and weights
  • Tues: 40 mins I run better than Dave now!  Booyah. 🙂
  • Wed: CT+ST Session Elliptical and weights
  • Thurs: Team Training-Tempo Run I went w/ the 10:30 group and pushed them faster; I think I really at a 10:15
  • Fri: 40 mins Rest…I never managed to do anything on Friday but technically it is an either or day
  • Sat: 5 miles ran for 58 mins so it was probably more like 5.5ish; felt great!
  • Sun: Rest Lots of sitting at my desk with my E&T outline…bah.

May 4th-May 10th

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 45 mins elliptical, weights, abs
  • Tues: 45 mins Nada, cramming for my E&T final.
  • Wed: OFF E&T Final 38 min jog to clear my head for my final
  • Thurs: Team Training-Race Pace run We did a relay race.  10 min warm up followed by 4×0.4 miles.  I ran about an 8:00 pace during the laps (if I calculated correctly)  Man did it kick my ass but I feel so strong!
  • Fri: 40 mins Some stretching and studying
  • Sat: Team Training 8 Mile Run! Ran in 1:22 which is under a 10:30 pace which made me feel pretty amazing.  Def. feeling my legs right now.  I can’t wait for the race!
  • Sun: Rest

May 11th-May 17th [I have officially lost 5 lbs; down to 145]

  • Mon: CT+ST Session 40 mins elliptical-I upped the resistance, weights-arms and abs, plus 5 mins on the rowing machine for fun.
  • Tues: 45 mins I think I worked out but I really can’t remember
  • Wed: OFF Tax Final Yep…nothing but testing taking and celebrating
  • Thurs: Team Training-400 meter Relays Parents got to town and I skipped (eek!  First team training that I skipped)
  • Fri: 40 mins 25 mins Ellipitcal; Does shopping on Michigan Ave in the rain count?
  • Sat: 5 miles yea…didn’t happen, Lots of running around and errands
  • Sun: Rest and Graduate from Law School!!

May 18th-May 24th (Race Week)

  • Mon: Rest Elliptical and weights
  • Tues: 40 mins Sox/Twins Game!
  • Wed: Rest
  • Thurs: Team Training-30 mins Easy Pace Last group run!
  • Fri: 20 mins just rested up at a LONG day at Bar/Bri
  • Sat: RACE DAY! 1:49:51 Just under my goal of an 11 Mile Pace!
  • Sun: Relaxing and signing up for the next one!

5 responses to “Training Plan

  1. Richard Schmidt

    Keep working at it, Whitney! The weather is bound to improve, school is getting easier, there is no Top Chef on TV and your shin splints are a figment of your imagination. Take care!

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  4. Hi Whitney!

    I am also preparing for the Door County Half Marathon! It should be a beautiful run!

  5. Hey Kindred Spirit!
    Just stumbled across your blog today while looking for a picture of Easter Egg radishes. I live, work, cook, run and very occasionally triathlon in the Napa Valley, in California. I wanted to say hello, and tell you that I think you take TERRIFIC pictures. I’ll look forward to checking out more on your blog in the future. Happy Spring!
    Best regards,
    Tamara Landre

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